Message From the Board Chair


Welcome to The Finer Alliance Foundation! As the Board Chair, I am honored to extend a heartfelt welcome to all our scholars, donors, supporters, and partners. Our foundation is committed to empowering and uplifting African American students through education and opportunity.

We believe in the power of education to change lives and create a brighter future for our community. As we embark on this journey together, let us strive for excellence, resilience, and unity. Together, we can break barriers, shatter stereotypes, and build a legacy of success.

I encourage you to embrace your potential, pursue your dreams, and never underestimate the impact you can make. Thank you for being a part of our family and for believing in the power of education to transform lives.

Let’s work together to create a future where every African American student has the opportunity to thrive and succeed. Welcome to The Finer Alliance Foundation where “dreams take flight and possibilities are endless.


Dr. Tiffany Johnson

Dr. Tiffany Johnson
Board Chair
The Finer Alliance, Inc.


 The Finer Alliance, Inc. is on a mission to elevate scholarship in the African American community through the procurement of post-secondary educational and financial resources that promote the pursuit of academic excellence.



 Our vision is to create the next generation of African American change agents.



 The Finer Alliance, Inc. values a community that recognizes the importance of educational attainment and assures positive educational outcomes are accessible to all in the African American community regardless of economic circumstance.




Partnership & Collaboration.

We seek collaboration and involvement in our work. We desire engagement with members and organizations within the community that share our vision.



We value honesty and integrity in our relationships.



We are driven to make a positive difference in the AA society.



We evaluate our success based on how many lives we are able to touch.



Connecting people with the right resources to advocate for themselves.


Lifelong Learning.

Ongoing voluntary and self-motivated pursuit of knowldge. It enhances social inclusion, self-sustainablility, active citzenship, personal development, competitiveness and employability.

The Finer Alliance, Inc. 2022 Board Members issuing a $5000 Scholarship Award to its inaugural recipient, Khadijah Bilal at the Scholarship Award Brunch held on September 24, 2022. Pictured L to R: Board President Renée Spruill Walker, Board Treasurer Nakia Moore, Khadijah Bilal, Board Secretary Kerilyn Merritt,
Director of Scholarships & Programs Tiffany Johnson, Ed. D, MBA

The Finer Alliance, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Illinois on August 20, 2020. The purpose of this foundation includes encouragement and promotion of education and scholarship, educational research and community service and educational programs. The specific objectives and purposes of The Finer Alliance shall be to solicit, collect and otherwise raise money for charitable purposes including scholarship: to expand, contribute, disburse, and otherwise handle and dispose of the same for such purposes relating to the aims and goals of The Finer Alliance and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated – Tau Xi Zeta Chapter. The Finer Alliance, Inc. received recognition from the Internal Revenue Service as a public charity that is exempt under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3). The Finer Alliance, Inc. is governed by its Articles of Incorporation and its Bylaws.